Bespoke Planning

Architect Drawing Plan

Where Your Project Begins

The bridge between the design you have in your mind and bringing that to life is all in the planning.

It is the crucial first step towards ensuring your building project is a success and is built exactly the way you envisioned.

The planning of your design will set the trajectory of your project and is the guiding map which everything else stems from. It has a large bearing on how the rest of how the rest of the project unfolds including how smooth or stressful it can prove to be which is why it is so important to get it just right.

Understanding how vital the planning stage is for your projects success, our team at Solihull Architects are painstakingly meticulous when developing your design plans. We never rush the creation of your plans and or glance over the fine details of your drawings. 

Putting You in the Picture

Our client-first approach ensures that we take all the time necessary to firmly understand you, your vision and what you ultimately want to achieve. 

After closely collaborating with you on your vision and surveying the area which you wish to build our team will then go to work in producing the plans which will become the foundational blueprints of your project.

Every last detail of the planning is carefully considered, checked and re-checked amongst our experienced consultants to produce a refined final plan that when followed will be sure to bring the build you dream of to life.

Only once we know that you are completely happy with the drafting of the final plans and we feel that we cannot improve on it any further do we produce the final working documents that will ensure the rest of your project is set up for success. 

Our Professional Services


Professional Architectual Plans Drawn to Precision That Will Guide Your Design

3D Rendering

Life-Like 3D Rendering of Your Designs Which Gve Greater Perspective of Your Plans

Interior Designs

Bespoke Interior Designs Carefully Crafted to The Last Detail

Landscape Designs

Custom Drawn Landscape Designs to Transform Your Outdoor Space

Planning Applications

Detailed Planning Applications Put Through By Local Experts To Give You a Higher Success Rate

Client Approach

A Refreshing Client Approach Where We Guide You Every Step of Your Project

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