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Our History

Solihull Architects was founded in 2012 by Martin Woodrich, a local native of Solihull. Martin holds many fond memories growing up in this charming suburban town and was always inspired by the quaint blend of countryside and historic town that is entwined in Solihull’s landscape.

With a curious eye for building design Martin went on study Architectural Planning at the University of London. After graduating in 1989 he found himself enthralled with the buzz of big city and honed his skills working with a handful of large architectural firms in London over the next 20 years.

With a new vision of being part of a small, robust team that could deliver a more personal and tailored service to its clients Martin took the leap to creating his own boutique architectural firm.

After a lot of consideration of where he would choose to set up, one place he held so dear seemed to keep on whispering in his ear, his leafy home-town of Solihull.

Our Philosophy

Our guiding motto at Solihull Architects is “Clients Reflect Design”. We believe that architectural builds, in essence, are a reflection of the creator’s charachter. They represent the style, values, creativity and personality that the designer encompasses.

Our job is to uncover your ideal vision for your project by getting to know who you are and developing a real connection with you. Only once we get a true feel for your tastes do we put pen to paper and impart with you the right amount of expertise you require, without clouding the uniqueness you will instil into your final design. 

This is why our core philosophy here at Solihull Arhitects is keeping our valued clients at the heart of centre of the project and going the extra mile to ensure that your expereince with us is as marvelous as the architectual designs we create for you.

3D Render of Modern Living Room

Why We Are Different

What separates us from any other architectural firm is the level of customized service we bring to our clients.

We understand that our clients hold the key to producing an architectural design that they will be elated with. Each time a new client decides to partner with us, our team embarks on a journey to discover and help navigate the often murky waters of bringing a build to life.

By taking the time to really getting to know you as an individual, gaining a sharp sense of the new environment you wish to create plus the functionality you are trying to achieve and constantly keeping this at the forefront is what enables us to ultimately help guide you in creating your most ideal design.

Meet The Team

Second Lead Architect Solihull

Abigail Brinthorpe

Senior Architect

“Hi I’m Abigail, a senior architect here at the company (senior by job title and not my age, yet!). I joined Solihull Architects at the end of 2012 after working for a couple of firms in the West Midlands.

When I’m not liaising with clients and pouring over the details of a design blueprint you will most likely find me at a theatre hall watching a good play or relaxing at home with my family.

What I particularly love most about being an Architect is the creative ways you must think to produce a design plan that is original as well as functional.”

Lead Architect at Company

Martin Woodrich

Founder and Lead Architect

“Welcome, I am Martin the founder and Lead Architect here at Solihull Architects.

Originally starting out on my own when I founded this company back in 2012 I have since arranged a small team of curious minded and creative architects just like myself to deliver bespoke architectural services in the Town of Solihull and its surrounding areas.

When I am not in the office working on an architectural design, managing my team or spending time with clients you will most likely find me with my family going for long country walks with our dog Benji.

What I love about being an Architect is nurturing peoples visions and turning them into reality.”

Claire Humphrees

Interior Architect/Designer

“Hey I’m Claire and I am the Interior Architect/Designer here at Solihull Architects. I joined the team back in 2014 as a junior interior architect right after graduating at Birmingham University and haven’t looked back since. 

If I’m not busy drawing up interior design plans or helping clients pick the perfect shade of teal for their kitchen tiles you will either find me playing tennis,  going on camping adventures with my boyfriend and geeking out on design websites.

What I love about being an Interior Architect is how I can influence a space to create a certain feeling.”

Landscape Architect

Mark Rowley

Lansdscape Architect

“Hi I’m Jeff, the landscape Architect at the company. After running a small landscaping business as a teenager I went on to purse an Architects degree at the University of Manchester with a specialisation in becoming a landscape Architect.

I joined this firm in 2014 and though I am not originally from the Solihull area I do love the lush, suburban countryside the town rests within.
When I’m not busy drafting landscape design plans for clients or re-searching the best outdoor materials for a project you can find me pottering about in my garden at home, mountain biking or with my nose in a good book.

The best thing I love about being a Landscape Architect is enabling people to fall back in love with their outdoor environments and use them more often.”

Amy Longfellow

Junior Architect

“Hey I’m Amy and I am a Junior Architect here at the company. Though I have only been with Solihull Architects for the past 2 and a-half years I can honestly say that I have been loving every moment of it. I am learning so much and really feel right at home with the family work culture Martin and the rest of the team has created.

When I am not at the office assisting one of the team members and helping on projects you are most likely going to find me at a yoga class, attending a live music event or snuggled up at home watching a murder mystery.

What excites me the most about being an architect is seeing all the carefully planned elements of a design come together to produce a unique building.”

Our Professional Services


Professional Architectual Plans Drawn to Precision That Will Guide Your Design

3D Rendering

Life-Like 3D Rendering of Your Designs Which Gve Greater Perspective of Your Plans

Interior Designs

Bespoke Interior Designs Carefully Crafted to The Last Detail

Landscape Designs

Custom Drawn Landscape Designs to Transform Your Outdoor Space

Planning Applications

Detailed Planning Applications Put Through By Local Experts To Give You a Higher Success Rate

Client Approach

A Refreshing Client Approach Where We Guide You Every Step of Your Project